What you think…………it matters!

There are few things that were blanket law when I was growing up.  One, do not ever pick up a hitch hiker, and never ride a motorcycle.  Obviously these were meant for my protection.  All in all totally fine rules.  They were stated emphatically, and as law.  We parents like to make sure our kids know what is safe and what is not.

As I became an adult, met and married Darin, I learned he grew up riding motorcycles.  Cool for him, at some point in our first 5 years he wanted me to learn.  Seemed like a fine idea.  I never told Darin this but it was a huge mental battle for me.  All I could hear was my Dad’s voice telling me, “NEVER, EVER, under any circumstances is that okay.”  Logically I’m an adult, with a husband who loves me a few kids and I make good decisions.  So I should be fine to make that call.  I’m learning in a safe manner, wearing a helmet and taking proper precautions.  But literally I felt it was so wrong and I was going to be in big trouble.  I worked through it and learned to ride but a bit of the joy was sucked out of the experience.


I had a revelation that this may be where a lot of people get stuck with God.  We all have people in authority in their lives that didn’t or don’t represent the heart of God.  Maybe they were fearful or angry.  Maybe they said and did hurtful things.  Maybe these hurting people are just passing on hurts they have accumulated along the way.  As adults now when we look at God maybe, just maybe we aren’t seeing God accurately.  Maybe we are seeing or hearing God through that fear, anger, hurt, or whatever voice was/is the loudest.

As I have grown I have heard all kinds of different opinions on what God thinks and says.  I have heard people glean out of the Bible things to confirm what they believe, some accurate some not.  These thoughts have challenged me to take a long look at who I believe God is.  What does He think of me? How does He view me? What does He say about me?  I’m still headed in this direction.  I’m learning God delights in showing me how He really feels about me.  Hint, hint, it’s good, really good!  I’m also learning that Satan doesn’t want me to believe that God can be that loving and that for me.  The farther I get down the road of how good God is and how much favor He has shined on me the harder it is for Satan to practice his lies on me.  When I believe lies about God it was easy for Satan to imitate God’s voice and make me doubt His goodness.  The closer I get to God the less power Satan has to deceive me.  When I see God’s favor shined right at me, Satan’s lies look pretty sorry.  Have you asked God lately how he feels about you…..??? If you hear anything negative that is not God’s voice.

~We are OUTSTANTING in our alfalfa~

~We are OUTSTANTING in our alfalfa~

**When someone we love or we ourselves have spoken negative things continually over our lives we may have a hard time hearing God’s voice accurately.  Pray for revelation, find a friend you know adores you and ask them to share some of the positive things they see in you. If you don’t have that email me and I will share with you the truth of your great value. If this thought challenges you, good!  You are of high value and you should be able to come up with a list of those values.  Even if it’s a short list it is a start.  If I listed mine here you would think well my goodness she sure likes herself and you would be right.  I’m a far cry from perfect but I know God made me in His image therefore I can’t help but be amazing and you are too!

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