Broken Apart

The past couple years have brought many changes to the farm and our family. As kids grew older and we transitioned to fewer and younger farmers, we scaled down the farm in production and acreage. Fall of 2016, the three youngest began attending public school for their first time ever. It was an adjustment for sure, […]

What you think…………it matters!

There are few things that were blanket law when I was growing up.  One, do not ever pick up a hitch hiker, and never ride a motorcycle.  Obviously these were meant for my protection.  All in all totally fine rules.  They were stated emphatically, and as law.  We parents like to make sure our kids […]

Broken Together

Marriage is tough.  We as a couple have seen some heartache, most of our own doing.  But when God steps in and changes things it is an amazing gift.  So many of us hate to admit life and relationships have issues.  I believe being real about where we have been and where we are headed […]

Soul Holes to Overflowing

God talks to me when I drive all the time.  I use to just enjoy what He said but then I noticed I would forget about it later.  So lame, so I decided every time He spoke to me I was going to pull over and write down what He said.  Why does He talk […]

Callings, Encouragement and A Naked Prohpet

My life use to be consumed with babies and toddlers.  My entire existence was wrapped up in dirty diapers, dirty faces, and an especially dirty house.  Toddlers are happiest when muddy and messy.  Go figure!  My life has transitioned.  I do have a couple grandkids around but the joy in that is, I hand them […]

He Kept on Trucking

I’m reading in Luke right now.  I came across Luke Chapter 4 last week.  Wow, it struck a chord with me.  Kind of surprised me.  I’ve read Luke numerous time.  Guess I was out to lunch the other times. I was reading half way through, Jesus is in his home town sharing.  He opened a […]

Truth and Love

Have you ever wanted to just be totally honest, in a loving way of course?  I am a big fan of truth and love.  I learned a long time ago and mostly the hard way that if you are speaking the truth with no love the point gets lost.  Also if you love without truth […]

The Hole, Wine, Chocolate, and Yoga Pants

I have been struggling lately.  I feel like an emotional wreck.  For the most part I don’t believe I have a great reason for feeling that way other than I am female.  Which everyone assures me is reason enough.  I don’t like it at all.  It makes me feel nuts, looney, coocoo, loca and just […]

I Am My Mother

It has long been said that we turn into our Mothers.  I was never sure this was true until today.  Today’s confirmation won’t make sense to most without some background history on my family. My Mom besides being an amazing Mom and Grammy, spent a lot of years sleep deprived and doing some silly things.   […]

The Good, The Bad, and Chopping Corn by Hand

Wowee, I have been MIA for a while.  When I get out of the habit of writing I really get out of it.  We are alive and well.  I have all kinds of updates and plans for the website.  So be looking for those in the following months.  Oh man do I have one heck […]