Why should I buy hay from you?

Just like most products you as a consumer have choices on where you go and who you purchase from. We are local farmers selling you our products.  We do not sell anything we don't grow. We guarantee all our hay, if you aren't happy we will refund your money and make sure you are. Our boys work really hard to make great hay and who doesn't want to support young men willing to work. There is a lot to the hay making process.  Each crop, each season , each cutting we are learning and growing better hay.  There is so much more to it than planting, cutting and baling.  

Do you sell by the ton?

Not normally.  We sell by the bale.  If this is a concern for you we are happy to discuss it let us know what you're thinking.

What are your hours?

  We are open by appointment only on Fridays and Saturdays.  All our farmers are back to school or working their day jobs.  Sorry for the limited hours, we are all busy busy!  Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you :)  

Is your hay horse quality?

Yes we have excellent horse quality hay.  We have all our hay tested.  When you purchase our hay you know exactly what you are getting and feeding.  If you are looking for more information on our hay, its testing, and our cutting and baling practices check out our Hay Details Section.  There is way more info there than the average Joe cares for :)

Do you have a minimum purchase?

Nope!  One bale just to try or 500 come on by.  We will load it and tie it off.  BYOR  Bring your own rope :)

What types of payments do you take?

We accept all major credit cards, local checks and we of course love cash!

How much do your bales weigh?

Average bale weight for 2 twine is 70-80lbs.

Do you deliver?

Yes we deliver.  Minimum purchase for delivery is 100 bales.  We deliver within 30 miles give or take. Normal Delivery Fee within 30 Miles of our barn is $1 a bale. Delivery includes stacking where you want it :) Within Reason ;) We can line up trucking for you if you are more than 30 minutes away.  Standard truck and trailer loads are about 560 bales.  

Where are you located?

Give us a holler for our exact address.  We love to know when you are coming so we can take good care of you.  Thanks!