1st Cutting Test Results(2017)
Moisture 6.1 %
Dry Matter 93.9%
Crude Protein 12.7%
Starch 0.2%
WSC (Water sol. Carbs) 9.5%
RFV( Relative Feed Value) 100
Average Test Results Dairy One 2000-2012
Moisture 8%
Dry Matter 92%
Crude Protein 10.8%
Starch 2%
WSC 13.2%
NSC(Non Structural Carbs)13.4%
RFV 88

The above test results speak for themselves.  This is a very high quality grass hay.  Our hay is cut early in the morning to ensure a low sugar content.  If you have any questions about the above test results give us a call we will do our best to answer what we can.