The Oldest of the Brood (Sis) has started her own family.  Being one of the oldest has so many exciting memories.  You are the test case for every parenting skill your parents think they have.  You get the benefit of seeing how all these theories work or don’t work.  Sometimes if you are really lucky you get to see your parents give up on a lot of these theories and do a lot of apologizing for said theories.   Then you get to provide your parents with Grandchildren and the real fun begins as you develop your own parenting theories!

Sis and the girls have moved back to the farm! They wanted to see how much fun all this dirt, grease, and hard work really is. We are all anxiously awaiting the day when the girls will be old enough to haul hay. For now they run amuck in the dirt whenever possible. We now have almost no reason to leave home except for food. Oh Happy Day :)

Sis Family Pic