Darin and I (Leslie) have been married for 20 years.  We always knew we wanted a big family so we started out with one already here and one on the way.  We are overachievers like that.  We have six kids and two adorable granddaughters.  Darin use to farm with his Dad when he was a little feller and I blame his Dad completely for this farming thing.  He has wanted to farm since his family left the farm when he was 5.  He works a day job to support the farm, we have all questioned his sanity more than once.

Darin’s main job is to make sure whatever we break we can fix and pay for whatever the farm can’t.  So I call him real regularly and say things like, ” Hey we broke such and such again.  Or we thought we had her fixed but we didn’t.”  I also get to call and say, “Can you pretty please make sure and deposit about a million dollars in the farm account so I can buy more diesel?”  He also does things like line out what crops are being planted where, where we get the seed, what to water when, what to do when Mom is melting down and says she quit farming.  Things like that.  He’s a pretty valuable guy!

I get to do all the fun stuff.  Type funny stories about our farm life and general hysterics of having six kids and two grand kids.  Darin also lets me do the book work and even sell some of our crops.  Turns out I have some decent people skills and enjoy talking to all our customers a great deal.  The book work not the highlight of my day but hey someone has to do it.  When I’m not in a farming induced sleep coma I love to write and you can check out our blog if you really want to see deep inside my inner thoughts.  You have been warned 😉  They also let me do all their laundry and cook for them like 7 times a day.  I am pretty sure they eat more than full grown horses.  Sometimes I get to clean the house but only when I’m all caught up on my other chores.  Totally living the dream around here, no seriously it is pretty awesome.